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But you don’t understand me. You either loved me when I wanted to be alone or you would go away and be gone for far too long.

i really am sad to hear Robin Williams passed away. someone who gave so much joy to others, left none for himself. a true genius and timeless person.

i’m in a good place right now, mentally. 

it’s really not shit but it’s cool as hell that Virgil Abloh and Ibn Jasper liked something i made. i just can’t get over that fact. i’m live, let me enjoy this.

they said the bitterness doesn’t make you better. they were wrong

i’m struggling with trying to process the magnitude of the decisions i am/have been making. i’ve made it another step closer to my goals, but with this step further there is more at risk. bigger risks. risks so big that i can’t even imagine the consequence. in the past i’ve been successful to find my mental switch and “turn it on,” but i’m feeling i can’t find that switch as of late. i’m feeling too careless and i don’t know how to center myself again. i’ve gone as far as disconnected from the world for a week, and i’m still feeling empty. i’m hoping things change soon. i’ve got no time to waste… i got people counting on me.

"i’m the only one to get the job done"