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i really am sad to hear Robin Williams passed away. someone who gave so much joy to others, left none for himself. a true genius and timeless person.

i’m in a good place right now, mentally. 

it’s really not shit but it’s cool as hell that Virgil Abloh and Ibn Jasper liked something i made. i just can’t get over that fact. i’m live, let me enjoy this.

they said the bitterness doesn’t make you better. they were wrong

i’m struggling with trying to process the magnitude of the decisions i am/have been making. i’ve made it another step closer to my goals, but with this step further there is more at risk. bigger risks. risks so big that i can’t even imagine the consequence. in the past i’ve been successful to find my mental switch and “turn it on,” but i’m feeling i can’t find that switch as of late. i’m feeling too careless and i don’t know how to center myself again. i’ve gone as far as disconnected from the world for a week, and i’m still feeling empty. i’m hoping things change soon. i’ve got no time to waste… i got people counting on me.

"i’m the only one to get the job done"

i think i started this collab with Jream back in October, and i’ve been doing my best to wait for him to announce this project formally so i could post it haha. but to have the opportunity to create an album cover for a rapper who is consistently featured on is just something i’d never think i’d do. POSTCARDS coming soon.

i don’t think people understand how much they, or certain events, fuel my fire. don’t pass up on me. don’t overlook me. don’t take me for granted. don’t think i’m just another person. don’t bullshit me; because i see through it. i am not like these other people. you don’t really know me. i promise you you’re gonna see me do big things and i’ll make sure you know about it. because you let me go over your head. because you decided to not give a second look. you had your opportunity.

thank you for the fuel

grinding hard so my parents can see beautiful places one day

i didn’t come here to be average

i met this girl on this cruise i was on. she was cool. there are no words to really describe how things happen or how people’s paths cross. how can you just meet someone on a cruise with three thousand people on it and meet someone who has a mutual friend and plans to go transfer to the same school that you are attending in the fall? it boggles my mind. she’s nice. it’ll probably never amount to anything, but it’s good to meet good people in this world.